Free Royalty Free Music

Here is some free royalty free music for your project! All I ask in exchange is that you credit me for the work in your video description or on your website. This will also prevent sites like YouTube from flagging your content as copyright infringement. You can use the following format, just copy and paste…

Music provided by:


Listen:                                          Download:

Into Battle:

Listen:                                            Download:

Rise in the East:

Listen:                                                  Download:

Suspenseful and Mysterious Underscore:

Listen:                              Download:

We Press On:

Listen:                                        Download:

Stormdrum Rock:

Listen:                                                Download:

If after listening through these you’re still looking for the right music for your project, please feel free to check out some additional tracks I have available at


55 thoughts on “Free Royalty Free Music

  1. Hello there 🙂
    We recently entered a video contest, Mozilla Flicks, using your tracks. We added you to the attributions in the video description on youtube and we sent an email to Mozilla Flicks about your big contribution for the video. Thank you very much and we look forward to help your website in promoting royalty free music. 🙂 Godspeed 😀


  2. Great site, thank you very much for all your efforts. This is ideal for the small presentations that I want to do for a local historical group. Thanks once again !

  3. Hi. Im doing a music video for my college project and im want to ask of I could use your raw (rock) tune please.
    I will make sure to write down the credit info.

  4. Hey! so I was just wondering, could I use your music, write my own text and make a musical out of it? I would ofc give you credit for the music!

    • Hi, if it is just for personal purposes that would be fine, if you ended up selling your musical for profit an additional licensing agreement would be necessary for that. Hope that helps!

  5. Hi , i am entering a short video in the 2016 CWAS “David Malin Awards”.
    I wish to use “Suspenseful and Mysterious Underscore” as background music for the video , is that OK ? I will credit the music to you as you have asked.

    Please answer ASAP , the dead line for entries is tonight , i did ask this same question about 2 weeks ago but have not had a reply.

  6. I’ve only been on this website for like 5 minutes and I’ve already fallen in love with it, when I work up the courage to upload a video, I will most definitely use the music on here. As well as add a link in the description. Thank you so much for making a website like this, man, this helps me out so much.

  7. How many secs of your music can i use for your videos?
    CAn i use up to three songs for one video?
    DO i just mention your site in my description box of youtube?

  8. Many of these tracks are great! I needed some for a work project. I like the additional tracks on audiojungle as well but I was wondering, are there any versions without the constant “audiojungle” being said in the track?

    Otherwise, great stuff!!

    • Hi Lee, good question. The “audiojungle” you hear being said in the background of these tracks is simply a watermark to prevent improper usage. When you purchase a license on Audiojungle, you will receive a download link to the regular files without this watermark. Hope that helps 🙂

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