Uncopyrighted Music – Where do I find it?

With more and more people writing and directing their own film and youtube projects, the need for uncopyrighted music is growing very rapidly among indie producers.

Now the truth is that there is no such thing as uncopyrighted music written in the past 70 years or so. Unless it is considered Public Domain (in which the composer has to have been dead for 70 years), all music is copyrighted as soon as the idea is written down in some way, whether it’s recorded on a cheap tape player or sketched out in a notebook. What this doesn’t mean is that there are no free or cheap options in finding legal music for your project.

The answer is in Royalty Free Music. Music that is made to be royalty free is simply music that is licensed to a producer for use in their project. No crediting is needed since there is usually a fairly low cost to obtain a license.

Here is an example… This is my portfolio of Royalty Free Music listed on audiojungle, the leading website devoted to selling royalty free music.

Additionally, I have posted some royalty free tracks that I have decided to license to you for free, they are available in the toolbar, all I ask is that you credit me for the work as listed on the Free Royalty Free Music page.